Regulation 14

Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. It helps determine where new homes, shops and offices can be built, what those new buildings will look like, and what infrastructure should be provided to meet their community’s needs, in alignment with the strategic needs and priorities of the wider local area.

Formal public consultation on the draft Barton-le-Clay Neighbourhood Plan (known as Regulation 14) in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 will start shortly for a 6-week period.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be viewed below.

About the Plan

Over the past few years, the Barton-le-Clay Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, with the assistance of the Parish Council, has undertaken initial consultation, gathered background evidence and appointed consultants to assist in the creation of this draft Neighbourhood Plan. We will be consulting with statutory consultees, local businesses, people living or working in Barton-le-Clay and those in the neighbouring areas. Following revision to reflect consultation responses, it is envisaged that the Barton-le-Clay Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council and it is anticipated that a local referendum will be held soon after.

Commenting on the Draft Plan

It is important that as many people and organisations as possible comment on the draft Barton-le-Clay Neighbourhood Plan during this consultation period. In the interests of efficiency and the environment please submit comments electronically using our online form, once available.


Thumb Green-Infrastructure-Plan-Feb-2024_FinalConsultation.pdf Green Infrastructure Plan Feb 2024_FinalConsultation.pdf

Open Download Copy Link 5.39 MB 2024-03-13 13th March 2024 2024-03-13 13th March 2024
5.39 MB13th March 2024
Thumb Housing-Needs-Survey-Report-March-2022.pdf Housing Needs Survey Report March 2022.pdf

Open Download Copy Link 230.13 KB 2024-03-13 13th March 2024 2024-03-13 13th March 2024
230.13 KB13th March 2024
Thumb Local-Green-Space-Assessment-Appendix3.pdf Local Green Space Assessment Appendix3.pdf

Open Download Copy Link 3.28 MB 2024-03-13 13th March 2024 2024-03-13 13th March 2024
3.28 MB13th March 2024
Thumb Neighbourhood-Plan-Draft-V7_0-March-2024.pdf Neighbourhood-Plan-Draft V7.0 March 2024.pdf

Open Download Copy Link 5.36 MB 2024-03-13 13th March 2024 2024-03-13 13th March 2024
5.36 MB13th March 2024
Thumb Barton-le-Clay-Design-Guide-Final-Feb-2024.pdf Barton le Clay Design Guide Final Feb 2024.pdf

Open Download Copy Link 3.99 MB 2024-03-13 13th March 2024 2024-02-28 28th February 2024
3.99 MB28th February 2024